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Mario started his magic at the tender age of 10 years, and was inspired by Tickey the Clown from Boswell-Wilkie Circus.
He attended White River primary school in Mpumalanga.Tickey used to be invited by the school, to entertain the kids at the hostel on Saturday evennings for a bit of fun.
Not only did Tickey entertain with his clowning, but also performed amazing Magic tricks.
Mario enjoyed the tricks so much that decided to purchase a Magic book, until today he has never looked back.
He has performed all over South Africa with an dynamic repertoire that keeps people glued to their seats.  
After many years as an amateur, Mario gained enough experience and in 1993 he decided to turn professional.
Due to bringing so much joy to people, his shows are highly in demand and recommended for good quality relaxation for the whole family.
He has performed to thousands of people for all age-groups throughout the country, shared the stage with famous singers and has also entertained high profile people.  
Mario has performed for Nursery / High and Primary schools, Furniture stores, Centres / Malls, Holiday Resorts, Birthday Parties, Christmas tree parties, Corporates, Club shows, Fundraising events, Festivals,  Charities, Restaurants, Hotels, Libraries, Casinos, Recreation clubs and many many more places.
Mario is a versatile magician and is comfortable performing all types of Magic such as close up (sleight of hand), comedy, mental (mind reading),  serious Magic and cabaret with background music.  
He has been a member of SAMS (South African Magical Society) for the last thirty years, and was also a member of Pretoria Magic Society.
Highlights in his Magic career was when he performed in Durban for the Blind society, together with Dennis Sergeant then President of SAMS.
After 19years of having met Tickey, Mario shared the same stage with the famous circus clown for a Christmas party hosted by Eskom.
From an early age Mario also played guitar and sang for various bands in Durban, and while attending school in Belfast and White River .  
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