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Mama Mia-Murals


Welcome to Mama-Mia Murals web site!

On this site we'll introduce and show some of the Murals our Artist's have painted.

Murals will enhance, give colour and character that reflects a peaceful ambience to your surroundings.
Its a beautiful semi permanent fixture in your favourite area where it can always be admired.
The gallery page comprises of some murals painted by our artists at different venues.
We do murals for Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, kids bedrooms, any bedroom, patios, Hospitals, Restaurants and anywhere people desire, for inside and outside walls.
You can see paintings being painted on bare walls, and the process taken until its completion.   
If interested in a mural, we will come and give you a quotation without hesitation.


Thank you for visiting Mama Mia-Murals website and hope we can be of assistance to you.  


 Murals for all occasions
P.O.BOX 15838

Cell.082 5732400

Mario the Magician

Please feel free to contact us for more information.