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Mama Mia-Murals

About Us


Mama Mia-Murals was the preferred name selected by two lady artists as a title for the company, and has been going for about 2years.
Our artists are all qualified with either University degrees in art, Tecknicon diplomas in fine arts, sculpture, private art institutions, or attended art schools. 
These experienced ladies all have a passion for their work, born with an ability and talent to paint, draw, sculpture and many other things.
We guarantee the best murals for interior and exterior walls.
Our artists can paint on any type of surface such as rippled, flat, brick walls, anywhere a mural is required.
Before commencement of a mural, the wall is first assessed for cracks, peelings, glossy surface (enamel) or other defects.
If required, we prepare the wall by scraping 
or sandpaper damaged areas.
Undercoat of agrylic paint is then administered over the problem surface.
On completion of the murals, we administer a glazing substance onto the painting, for better protection.
If the mural is on the outside wall, it will be protected against wind, sun, cold spells and seals the painting for a longer longevity.
Inside murals are also protected with glaze, to seal the painting, dirt or dust can be wiped with a wet cloth.
We can provide you from our albums, pictures to choose from, such as classic cartoons, book characters, landscapes, educational, 3D murals, sceneries, window murals and many more, or your own.
The price of murals is based on per square metre (m2) of which is sub-divided into different categories such as :
                (a) Plain picture (no detail)
                (b) Low detail  (no shading)
                (c) Medium detail (no shading)
                (d) High detail (shading)
                (e) Extreme detail (shading)
                (f) Themed murals (shading/detail)
                (g) Mural portrait
Acrylic paint is the preferred paint for inside murals, because it is non-toxic and safe for kids/ adults bedrooms.